Jiangxi. Rough roads; slowly opening skies 

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Hoping to slip out before the rain started back up again, we left Jingdezhen today on our way to Hunan. After saying bye to some friends in the morning, we made our way mid-day through the seemingly ever-present mist that seems to have surrounded us the past few days.   Jingdezhen city roads inundated with heavy rain tested our (and our bikes’) off road abilities – and ubiquitous murky puddles tested our faith in Jiangxi road construction.


Faith in Jiangxi roads increasingly waned as we made it out of the Jingdezhen city center and were greeted by road after road of full lane construction –with no actual construction crews, or organization of any kind, in sight. On multiple occasions we thought that maybe these roads weren’t in use, but the swaths of semis and even police cars that crashed over rolling, soaked gravel potholes seemed to reassure us that we were headed the right way. Further down we ended up on a road full of multiple lines of rocks on one side, and a torn up lane on the other (we chose the former). 

After multiple hours and very little progress –and increasing frustration— we were finally greeted by the first sun we’ve seen since we started the trip. As shafts of light slipped through rain-heavy clouds, the sky swirled in purple and blue, reminding us very blatantly that each aspect of what is unfolding has multiple sides.


With no rain coming down, we decided to push on through Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi. Rejuvenated and just happy to be on smooth, dry roads we cruised through the Blade Runner-esque, soft-lit downtown, and over swollen Gan River into the outskirts of the city where we stayed the night.

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    Gretchen brown (Saturday, 13 June 2015 03:16)

    Great blog. Picturesque writing. Great photos as well! So glad you chose to use the road play with only rocks and not in construction!p