Sorry for the wait; new updates soon

I know many readers are wondering why this blog hasn't been updated since Dushanbe, and it's a good question. Since Tajikistan, a perfect storm of visas that were about to run out, a rush to catch a boat, and countries where internet isn't really "conducive" to uploading photos has left us far behind on the stories and images that we want to be on here.  As you can see from the map above, the last month has taken us across and around Central Asia. The route took us deep into the silk road, across forgotten desert roads, and to a surprisingly nice seaside; we found ourselves dangling high in the caucuses, in mountain cradles next to churches from the beginnings of christianity; and for the last three weeks we have been transfixed in a whirlwind through  modern Iran. Updates might not be the fastest, but they will hopefully tell the stories I really want to share in a way that can begin to explain the monument of experience that this month has been. For more quickly digestible, short photo updates you can alway check Instagram at @njbrwn or 

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