Nathaniel Brown

Nate was born in Sydney, Australia and raised in the United States. He works as a freelance translator, writer, and photographer, and is an aspiring videographer.  This trip comes following a Fulbright scholarship to China, where he worked on and off in for the past five years. He is a 2013 graduate of Middlebury college, where he majored in International Politics and Economics; he is  fluent in Mandarin Chinese .  


Nate spent years daydreaming about motorcycle trips and started riding in 2011 in Taiwan. After multiple loops around the island, day rides through the mountains, and nights spent camping on the beach, he has been hooked ever since. Those who have seen him during a long motorcycle trip know that he's never more alive than in front of a section of open road and a horizon full of good camping spots.


 When not on a motorcycle, Nate spends most of his time outdoors, in galleries, or in studios and museums. He's most comfortable in hard to reach places and situations where you have to do everything by yourself. From 2013 to 2104 Nate conducted research with young Chinese ceramicists on the political economy of Jingdezhen's ceramic industry.


He is currently working on compiling the information he gathered and the stories of the people he met into written and video pieces. Nate is most interested in the human element of art and where fine art intersects with society. He currently does translations for art magazines and Chinese artists; he previously worked in an art auction house.