Bike Modifications


Du Rui, owner of Tourfella, a motorcycle accessory company based in Yongkang, not only donated two sets of 41L aluminum panniers, but also took time to custom-make two sets of racks, and also help us modify all the wiring on the bike, for which we are grateful beyond words. His panniers barely change shape even if you run a 4,000-lb Jeep Wrangler over it. 

10W lights

We installed these lights on our crash bars to add extra visibility closer to the ground. We bought two each, and they look badass at night, as if we’re UFOs cruising in the dark. But we had to do major modifications before we could attach them to the bike, so we’re not linking to the store.

Crash bars

Crash bars help protect the engine, fuel tank, and other delicate items at the top of your bike when you drop it. Make sure you buy crash bars that are designed specifically for your bike model.



Jieming has to lean slightly to drive, and this causes shoulder pains after driving 6+ hours, so he bought higher handlebars that would allow him to sit upright. Before you purchase online, check to make sure that the model is correct, and that all the holes and bumps on the new handlebars match up with your old ones. Otherwise you’ll need drills and saws to brute force it into place.

Adjustable handles

The factory originals were too far away from the handlebar, so Jieming switched them out for adjustable ones. [Taobao Link]



Heated Grips

There are two types of heated grips on Taobao: 1) full-on grips that you replace your originals with, 2) a thin layer of wiring that you wrap on top of your original grips. We went with the former because we think the wiring itself would be more stable and less likely to slip. These apparently have settings for 50 deg C and 75 deg C. We’ll see soon how they hold up!  [Taobao Link]

Xenon HID headlights

The factory original headlights for both Nate’s and Jieming’s bikes are very sub-par. Nate can barely see beyond 2m. These new lights are supposed to be super bright. In general, the higher the Kelvins number, the brighter the light. The range typically goes from 3,000K – 12,000K. Du Rui recommended the 4300K because the yellow light cuts through fog better than the white or blue light at higher Ks. Useful link. [Taobao link]

USB Charger

Until we came across this we thought we would have to lug a solar panel behind us to charge our electronics. This nifty little charger has 2x 5v USB ports and 1x 12v port, and even an on/off switch and light. [Taobao Link]


Tells you how much juice is left in your battery so that you can turn off your add-ons like USB charger, heated grips, lights and allow the motor to charge your battery. [Taobao Link]