The above is a tentative route, subject to change. All letters are only a function of google maps               

Shanghai to Europe (~17,500 miles)


Nate & Jieming met in 2009 playing Rugby at Middlebury College. Now they will set of to ride across Asia and Europe on Motorcycles


In June 2015, we will leave from Shanghai, head through Anhui, Jiangxi and toward Hunan, spending a month heading northwest through Chongqing and Sichuan, up to the plateaus of Qinghai and over to Xinjiang.


From there we will then cross into Kazakhstan and go through Kyrgyzstan, down to Tajikistan --on the Pamir highway-- and over to the Caspian sea via Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, where we will take the ferry to Baku, Azerbaijan. This section has a bit more visa logistics, so there might be some small bureaucratic hurdles, but the CIS and the Caucus are half the reason we're on this trip.


 Europe is much more flexible. Neither of us need visas, but even more importantly there are multiple friends spread out across Europe who that we plan to visit --something that will inevitably dictate a portion of where we say and for how long.